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AAP Aviation are constantly seeking professional and ambitious people to join our highly talented and dedicated team. If you want to become a valued member of the AAP Aviation family, we invite you to submit an open application today!

AAP Aviation is one of the leading global providers of Crew Management Services for the airline industry. Our services include Crew Management, Recruitment, Training and Planning and Scheduling. The company was founded in 2013, and today we have a total of more than 5,600 employees working in our 18 offices worldwide. AAP Aviation work hard to strengthen our team with new professionals with backgrounds both from the airline industry (loaders, engineers, instructors etc.) as well as Administration, Human Resources, Planning, Payroll, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Sales and other. For these and other positions more suitable for your interests, you can always apply with an open application by entering the required details and creating a personal profile in our candidate portal. Please ensure you indicate your preferred position and the locations you are interested in as well as upload your CV, skills and experience. The more information you upload in your candidate profile, the better the chances are that our recruiters will find a good match for you! Once your candidate profile is completed, our recruiters can match you to positions, and notify you of our highly sought-after job opportunities when they become available – before it is advertised elsewhere or even contact you personally for an interview!