AAP Aviation | Cadet Program


Alejandro Salinas  

AAP Aviation from Norway continues to develop and is now providing new Pilots for the expanding market. We are launching a Cadet Programme in partnership with Pilot Flight Academy (PFA), that includes job offers for PFA students enrolled in the January 2024 class who successfully graduate under this programme.


The programme is made of self-sponsored cadets that will be able to join the excellent education provided by AAP’s Pilot Flight Academy in Sandefjord.

By signing into this programme AAP Aviation guarantees job offer for candidates that fulfil and maintain the conditions throughout the programme, successfully complete PFA’s Pilot training including the final assessment conducted by AAP upon graduation. 

The steps of AAP Aviation’s Cadet programme are:

  1. Apply to the AAP Cadet programme.
  2. Interview with AAP recruitment selection team to obtain recommendation.
  3. Recommended candidates to enrol with PFA for the class for January 2024, successfully passing PFA’s initial admission test.
  4. Signature of contract with AAP for cadet programme.
  5. Successfully Complete Commercial Pilot course and obtain Commercial Pilot License with PFA. CPL/ATPL (frozen) ME/IR and class 1 medical with no restrictions or limitations.
  6. After graduation pass the final assessment conducted by AAP.


  • After Receiving recommendation from AAP Aviation to enrol on PFA’s January class of 2024,  successfully completing the admission test with PFA.
  • Successfully completing the Commercial Pilot course with PFA, including all theory and practical test, where progress will be monitored and followed.
  • Successfully obtaining Commercial Pilot License by 2026.
  • Successfully obtaining a valid Medical Class 1certificate by 2026.
  • Successfully completing the final Pilot assessment with AAP aviation recruitment specialist after graduation in 2026.
  • Successfully passing a drug and alcohol test as part of the assessment.
  • Hold a clean police record.
  • Background check for the last 5 years.
  • Fulfil the requirements and potentially additional assessment for the airline in question.


  • a) AAP assessments:
    • Prior enrolling to cadet programme
    • After graduation from PFA commercial pilot course
  • b) Other assessments and evaluations:
    • Cadets evaluated and graded according to PFA’s standards
  • c) It is a requirement for being offered a contract with AAP’s clients that the cadet has acquired a CPL / ATPL (frozen) ME/IR and Class 1 medical with no time restrictions or limitations.
  • d) Cadet’s Personal file at PFA
    • AAP must be allowed to review the cadet’s full personal file, including medical file, throughout the cadet’s training.